Diplomas on Demand®

Graduation is a busy time. Proofing and printing diplomas can add to the pressure and create even more stress. Between costly reprints, last minute name changes and a tight deadline to meet, wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient if you could print them yourself?

Now you can! Diplomas On Demand® from SCRIP-SAFE® provides an easy and less costly way to print premium quality diplomas in your office, at your convenience. Our new web-based application puts you in control, enabling you to provide the level of service and the excellent diploma quality your graduates deserve.

Diplomas on Demand® -Web
Easy Access from Anywhere. No Software to Install.


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No more waiting months for your diplomas to be printed. Or worrying they’ll be ready in time. With Diplomas On Demand, when you click print, your diplomas are ready to present.

Making the graduation experience a positive one translates into happy and contributing alumni. With Diplomas On Demand your graduates will never have to wait for their diplomas because your printer has been delayed.

You’re in control of the printing process, managing all variables from timing to quality, accuracy and delivery. Plus, with SCRIP-SAFE® customized diploma paper and technical support, quality is assured.

Now you can accept last minute graduation petitions and name changes cheerfully, because it’s a quick, easy change you can make before printing the diplomas.

Preparing a graduation list months in advance is a stress of the past. What used to take 2 to 3 months, can now be done in a few days!

Diplomas On Demand provides a high quality document at a much lower cost. With the money you save, you can enhance the look by enlarging your diploma or adding color, embossing and foil.

Printing diplomas for every candidate can be a waste because not all of them will graduate. With Diplomas On Demand you can reduce costs by printing diplomas for only those candidates that actually graduate.

Once a diploma has been printed, you have to pay for it. Even it there’s a mistake. Diplomas on Demand lowers the risk and the waste by allowing you to proof from a report before you print.

Students often ask for duplicate or replacement diplomas. Now you can print them right in your office without the wait and for a fraction of the cost.

Diplomas On Demand gives you the ability to use the same diploma stock for several different functions including certificates.

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