Diploma Paper

Superior quality is an honored tradition at SCRIP-SAFE® and our diploma paper is second to none. To ensure your graduates receive the quality diploma they deserve, we offer a variety of paper selections and printing techniques to create a customized look that will stand the test of time.

Once you have approved a design and selected a stock, our in-house presses print customizable diplomas to use with Diplomas on Demand.

Because our printing costs are lower than most other vendors, Diplomas On Demand affords you the opportunity to upgrade the appearance of your diploma by including additional colors for the seal as well as other enhancements.

Plus, SCRIP-SAFE® provides a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, continually investing in our products and the people who serve you.

  • Custom designed diploma templates can be created to match your current design standards
  • SCRIP-SAFE maintains a selection of suitable archival quality papers in a variety of popular colors
    Multi-color seals and foils can be incorporated to create a more sophisticated, higher quality look and feel.
  • SCRIP-SAFE diploma papers and foils withstand the heat and pressure present during laser printing. 
  • Standard diploma paper weights (100/80/65 pound) offer a quality feel.
  • Acid-Free paper protects the diploma from breaking down and discoloring over time.