Sending Transcripts

How It Works

eSCRIP-SAFE® interfaces with the sending institution’s student information system when the transcript is ready for printing. The transcript print-stream that would normally be directed to a physical printer is redirected to a customized print driver which connects the student information system to the eSCRIP-SAFE server by secure internet connection. All data transmitted over the internet is secure and encrypted. The same high standards used for online banking and commerce are applied.

eSCRIP-SAFE does all of the work! The received print stream is converted to a PDF document and the transcript is presented in its original form. The resulting document also includes a transcript specific statement of authenticity and the institution’s legend/transcript key.

The student may designate that their official transcript be released to either a participating network receiver or a third party. Network receivers enjoy the benefit of receiving all incoming electronic transcripts with one account. Through the out-of-network feature (OneTime) in eSCRIP-SAFE, any individual anywhere on the globe with an email address, may receive an eSCRIP-SAFE delivered transcript following a simple and efficient registration process.

Advanced Web technology enables eSCRIP-SAFE implementation with most student information systems and does not require extensive IT time or support.

  • There are no global boundaries
  • Delivery can be made to network receivers or out-of-network recipients
  • Delivered electronic transcripts are official
  • Network members, both senders and receivers are verified
  • Sending institutions must be accredited
  • The network is FERPA compliant
  • Email is not used to deliver electronic transcripts
  • Internet Security Protocols are consistent with electronic banking and commerce
  • Integrated reporting provides valuable management information