Additional Security Measures

SCRIP-SAFE® is a certified security printer. All of our paper and transcripts are printed in our own state-of-the-art facility. We maintain a secured chain of custody so your order never falls into the wrong hands. Furthermore, every SCRIP-SAFE® document is custom designed to meet your specific security needs. And each document contains valuable instructions so the recipient can verify its authenticity. In addition, we also incorporate the following security measures to make sure your documents are totally secure.


SCRIP-SAFE® is a registered trademark and is protected against fraudulent misuse and misappropriation. If an academic transcript produced by SCRIP-SAFE® is used in a fraudulent manner, SCRIP-SAFE® is able to prosecute. Prosecution may go forward, even if institutional legal counsel indicates that it is unable or unwilling to protect the misuse of your transcript. Note: Most institutions prohibit the use of their marks/logos without restrictive licensing and royalty payment contracts.

SCRIP-SAFE® provides a wide selection of custom full-bleed borders (printed to the edge of the sheet). Within each of these borders warning text may be printed. Because photocopiers can’t scan the entire 8.5 x 11 inch transcript, the borders become distorted.

SCRIP-SAFE® utilizes papers that are chemically and photo reactive. When touched by fresh liquid bleach, the paper will stain. Florescent fibers are present in the paper and react to UV light.

SCRIP-SAFE® packages 1,000 transcripts in chipboard inner boxes that carry a security warning label.

SCRIP-SAFE® delivers a proof within seven working days after final copy is received. Delivery is within three weeks after the proof is approved.

SCRIP-SAFE® customarily maintains a 500 sheet supply of your last order for emergency purposes. If the emergency stock is needed, the only charge is a $25.00 shipping and handling fee. In the event overnight delivery is requested, the shipping charges over normal UPS ground service would be additional. A purchase order is required for your next order to receive shipment of the emergency stock.

SCRIP-SAFE® does not sell generic paper stock that could be misused. Our college and university customers have depended on us not to release to the general market any paper that could defeat the purpose of secured transcripts. All SCRIP-SAFE® paper sold to the non-academic market is custom printed for each customer and carries some type of unique identifying mark.

SCRIP-SAFE® uses its own patented latent image technology for which it holds U.S. Patent 5,171,040. In the unlikely event of litigation, SCRIP-SAFE® holds the institution harmless.
SCRIP-SAFE® has printed secured documents for over 1,800 customers worldwide and has a proven record for integrity, product quality, and the ability to respond to the document security needs of the registrar.