Transcripts On Demand™

Transcripts On Demand takes the deskwork out of transcript requests. Now it’s all done online, by the students, not the staff.

Our automated system gives students the freedom to request transcripts online, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Without ever stepping foot in your office. Transcripts are delivered to academic institutions, prospective employers and other recipients through the integrated eSCRIP-SAFE Global Electronic Transcript Delivery Network or by traditional surface mail.

Finally! No more phone calls, forms to fill out or data to enter. Transcripts On Demand speeds up delivery, lower costs and frees up time so you can focus on improving student service.

Note to Students----Students wanting to order a transcript online should visit  to see if their institution is a participating member. If not a member, the student should access the institution's website and search for "transcripts" or "transcript ordering".


Students don’t have to call or visit your office to request a transcript. Now it can be done conveniently, online, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Plus you have the option to use as a standalone service or integrate into the school’s website of secure student services.

What used to require a lot of time is now automated. Without the added task of processing transcripts manually, your office will run more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Transferring information from a form is now a thing of the past, leaving less room for error and removing any possibility of delay.

Fully FERPA compliant, the school maintains full control of transcripts released and delivered. All delivery information is captured and managed electronically. Requestor verification is a unique one-time step.

This service comes at no cost to your institution. Requestors pay a service fee for each request and any fees charged by the school will be collected and automatically refunded to the school at the end of each month.