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Transcripts on Demand® (Online Transcript Ordering Service)
To order your transcript online, your school must be a participating member of Transcripts on Demand. Check out our list of Participating schools to see if your school offers this service. If so, you may safely and conveniently order your transcripts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by selecting your school from the list. If your school is not listed, please refer to the transcript ordering information on your school’s webpage or contact the Registrar’s office.

eSCRIP-SAFE® (Secure Electronic Transcript Delivery)
Hundreds of colleges and universities use this web-based service to deliver official transcripts quickly and securely to thousands of recipients. Transcripts are delivered to recipients within the eSCRIP-SAFE Network and to individuals. As an individual student (current or former) you are not eligible to register as a network member. However, you may personally receive your transcript electronically if your school delivers transcripts through this service.

Many questions about Transcripts on Demand® and eSCRIP-SAFE® are answered on our FAQ Sheet.
If you have additional questions, please contact our support line at 877-334-4062 or email us at