SCRIP-SAFE is a trusted supplier of secure paper transcripts and diplomas for over 2000 colleges and universities. From its inception in 1989, SCRIP-SAFE pioneered ground-breaking security features and established the most highly regarded customer service program in the business. In addition to providing secured paper transcripts, SCRIP-SAFE’s unique Diplomas on Demand® service allows in-office printing that includes all signatures and honors, etc. Its Diplomas on Demand Elite program offers a prompt and reliable diploma fulfillment and direct-to-graduate mailing service. Both programs support long-term archival storage of all issued diplomas. Of course, SCRIP-SAFE offers diploma covers, mailing tubes and envelopes. Today and every day, the entire Cincinnati based SCRIP-SAFE team is dedicated to earning your trust.


 SCRIP-SAFE's Product Line:


·         Secure Paper Transcripts

·        Custom Envelopes

·        Customized Diploma Stock

·        Diplomas on Demand Choice

·        Diploma Covers and Folders

·        Diploma Tubes and Mailers


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SCRIP-SAFE International provides secure document solutions including Transcripts, Diploma Printing, Transcript Security Paper, Corporate Security Paper, Academic Transcripts, Certificate Paper and Laboratory Notebooks. Our suite of Global Document Protection solutions guard Academic Credentials and Confidential Documents against Fraud and duplication using Global Watermark Protection, Custom Latent Images, Authorized Signatures and Seals, Brown Stain Paper, Secure Postal Addresses and Security Envelopes. Our proprietary products arm university registrars, admissions offices and businesses with the most advanced technologies for maximum document security and operational efficiency.