SCRIP-SAFE® is a global leader for innovative document security solutions for both paper and electronic records. We provide secured electronic delivery of transcripts, desktop diploma printing software and decorated diploma paper. Plus, we print transcript paper for more than 1,800 customers annually. The eSCRIP-SAFE® Global Electronic Delivery Network includes hundreds of schools and organizations worldwide.


Over 4,250,000 Electronic Transcripts Delivered!

As of August 2014, SCRIP-SAFE has delivered over 4,250,000 electronic transcripts through our eSCRIP-SAFE electronic transcript service. The service is on track to deliver over 1,250,000 transcripts in 2014.  Contact us today to learn how your institution can join this terrific service!

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SCRIP-SAFE International provides secure document solutions including Electronic Transcripts, Diploma Printing, Transcript Request Service, Transcript Security Paper, Corporate Security Paper, Academic Transcripts, Certificate Paper and Laboratory Notebooks. Our suite of Global Document Protection solutions guard Academic Credentials and Confidential Documents against Fraud and duplication using Global Watermark Protection, Custom Latent Images, Authorized Signatures and Seals, Brown Stain Paper, Secure Postal Addresses and Security Envelopes. Our proprietary products such as eSCRIP-SAFE, Transcripts On Demand and Diplomas On Demand arm university registrars, admissions offices and businesses with the most advanced technologies for maximum document security and operational efficiency.