Corporate Security Paper

Duplicating a document is as simple and easy as using a desktop scanner or a color copier. With the technology to create counterfeit documents so readily accessible, more and more businesses are taking extra steps to protect themselves and their documents against fraudulent reproduction. They’re turning to SCRIP-SAFE® for a solution.

From medical prescription pads, legal agreements and insurance documents to titles, death certificates, bills of sale, appraisals and beyond, our Confidential Paper is designed and printed using a variety of custom security features to ensure the highest level of protection for your documents. And at a reasonable price! By adding these security features into your office paper, you’ll be creating an effective deterrent to a growing crime.


Each customer designs a customized form, selecting those security features that are appropriate for their situation.

The standard latent image is “COPY/VOID” and only appears when photocopied. If the latent image does not appear on a variety of photocopy machine settings, the document is not an original.

In addition to the COPY/VOID warning, a unique corporate fingerprint adds the name of the company on alternate rows. When photocopied, both the COPY/VOID warning words and the name of the company MUST appear.

Documents may be serially numbered, bar coded and foil stamped to provide easy document tracking and accountability.

Confidential Paper is chemically reactive and includes fibers that fluoresce when viewed with UV lighting and stain when touched by fresh liquid bleach.