Diplomas on Demand® Design Templates & Requirements

SCRIP-SAFE Design Consultants Available to Help
To make using Diplomas on Demand® even easier, our design consultants use a voided copy of your diploma to determine where all of the static and variable information is to appear on the printed high school diploma or certificate. Variable information includes:

  1. Graduate Name
  2. Graduation Date
  3. High School Honors
  4. Official Signatures
  5. Position Titles
  6. High School Name

To eliminate waste due to text misalignment, both variable information and static verbiage is included in the template and is not pre-printed. Appearance changes are addressed by designers during the template review and accommodated. Required signatures are scanned, positioned and printed on each diploma.

Artwork Requirements
Artwork is required to represent high school seals, logos and mascots and can only be accepted as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw files. Additionally, high resolution and black/white jpeg files will be accepted. If unsure of the file type or viability, please send them in original formats to the assigned SCRIP-SAFE design consultant. Artwork can be manipulated and cleaned up for a small, extra charge.

Multiple Templates
Once the static and variable information on the template has been located and assessed, the SCRIP-SAFE® design consultant will create a template to accommodate the required information on the diploma and/or certificate. Once the document has been reviewed and approved, the next step is to print the number of pre-decorated diplomas and/or certificates ordered.
The list of recognition certificates is unlimited for users and multiple templates may be required to accommodate the printing of a variety of recognition certificates, such as Honor Society, Band Club and Student Council. Please contact your assigned SCRIP-SAFE® design consultant for a complete list. Hand signing is no longer necessary because all signatures may be scanned and printed on each certificate.

Additional Beneficial Features

  • Diploma printing can be in alpha order, marching order, etc.
  • Single diplomas/certificates may be printed at any time.
  • Depending on the laser printer used, you can expect to print 10-25 diploma/certificates per minute.
  • Finished diplomas/certificates can be proofed on your computer monitor before printing.
  • A variety of special reports can be created and exported.
  • Diplomas on Demand® is a web-based application, so users never have to worry about the installation or updating of computer-based software.


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