Diplomas on Demand® Application Package

The Diplomas on Demand® package price is based on quantity of diplomas and/or certificate forms ordered, with a minimum order of 500 required. Diploma and certificate upgrade options are priced separately.

Basic Package Features

  • 12-month renewable access to the web-based Diplomas on Demand® application.
  • Unlimited staff training and tips so users can leverage all of the capabilities of the application.
  • Up to 10 unique template designs for diplomas and recognition certificates, along with up to six authorizing signatures and their titles.
  • Selection of 12 stylized type fonts to differentiate diplomas and certificate templates.
  • Choice of four standard paper colors, including soft white, white, parchment and ivory.
  • In order to differentiate between diplomas and certificates, the paper color may be changed at no charge.
  • Standard diploma and certificate sizes, including 8 x 6, 9 x 7, 10 x 8 and 11 x 8 ½.
  • One standard flat stamped foil color for school name and seal/logo/mascot. Users can choose among eight different foil colors.
  • The name of school can either be arched or straight on the diploma or certificate.
  • The standard color for static and variable text is black.
  • Static and variable text templates are printed by your laser.

Optional Diploma Decoration

  • One foil color embossed/raised for name and/or seal/logo
  • Two flat foil colors for name and/or seal/logo
  • Two embossed/raised foil colors for school name and/or seal/logo

Diploma and Certificate Upgrade Options
Because Diplomas on Demand® frequently results in significant savings, you may wish to consider the option of upgrading the appearance of your diploma or certificate with a second foil color and/or embossing.

Second Foil Color
A two-color foil seal along with the black text provides a unique and visually compelling diploma that will be admired for generations to come. Gold is a very popular foil color, but doesn’t necessarily create a distinctive impression when printed alone. However, when combined with a second color, the gold color is significantly enhanced and complemented by any of our eight standard colors.

The use of raised lettering for the name of the high school, seal, logo, and/or mascot significantly improves the document’s visual appearance.


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