Generic Transcript Alert

Generic transcript paper is now available over the Internet and by mail order. It can be ordered by anyone, and that's a problem for academic records officers.

What is Generic transcript paper? Generic paper is a plain sheet of transcript paper that has a hidden security message. This transcript paper comes in a variety of popular ink colors and when photocopied, the hidden word may say "COPY," "VOID" or "UNOFFICIAL."

Generic transcript paper is dangerous because, with a little imagination, an inexpensive computer and a color laser printer, a determined individual can order this generic stock and create a transcript that may closely resemble the one you use.

Confusion about what is an authentic transcript? While a bogus transcript may not look exactly like an authentic transcript, a prospective employer or a prospective admissions officer might be fooled because it does appear to be "official." Paper and printing companies cause this problem when they sell generic paper to unidentified individuals without restriction or careful verification of intent.

The SCRIP-SAFE® SOLUTION: While there is no 100% foolproof system, SCRIP-SAFE® has created a two-step solution to address the generic transcript paper threat. First, SCRIP-SAFE® does not sell generic transcript paper to individuals. Each and every SCRIP-SAFE® customer is carefully screened and verified. Second, SCRIP-SAFE® has developed a custom hidden image that establishes a unique institutional fingerprint.

The Identi-Doc™ fingerprinting system includes two visible verification features. In addition to the traditional hidden words "COPY COPY COPY," the custom hidden image will now include the name (fingerprint) of your institution. When this transcript is photocopied the latent image and institutional fingerprint will look like this:

NOTE: The custom latent image "Buckeye State University" appears as a unique fingerprint along with "COPY" as the hidden words of warning but these warnings appear only when photocopied. Printing the institutional name as part of the hidden word security image differentiates your transcript paper from all others. If the custom fingerprint is absent, the transcript is clearly bogus.